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Minérale Savon Artisanale

I’ve been so swamped with holidays & life that it took until now to post about this… fiiiinally here I am with some big news!!!

I’d had an idea for a while to develop a new recipe that was similar to the amazing soap of southern France, or savon de Marseille. I started by making it with 72% olive oil, and added my old favorites of avocado oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. I used the same basic technique as I do with Thrive soap – that lovely, unique textured top – and the result is pretty, pretty, pretty. Ladies and gentlemen, I present my new baby: Minérale Savon Artisanale!

Minérale Savon Artisanale in Locale Market, St. Petersburg, Florida.

My freakin’ ridiculous husband made the gorgeous display rack out of copper and cedar. He worked late nights in the garage to build this thing and I couldn’t be happier. It is sturdy and beautiful. It has just the right patina so it looks aged. He made an oval sign and I stenciled the logo. There is a perfect little box on the side to hold kraft paper bags, so the customer can select their favorite soap and take it with them.

Minérale makes its debut today as part of the grand opening of Locale Market, an exciting new gourmet market that opens today in downtown St. Petersburg. We have visited a couple times as they prepare to open and it is such an amazing store! They have an Italian kitchen, seafood, sandwiches, ice cream, wine, cheese, pastries – all under one roof. In addition to our soap they are carrying goods from a variety of local farmers and producers, which I love.

I hope you’ll join us as Minérale continues to evolve and grow. It will have its own website in the new year – in the meantime please follow us on Facebook. Joyeaux Noël!


gift small text

On holiday shopping

gift small textI am not a big box person, or a Black Friday person. I’m not even a big shopper in general. The only time I’ve ever camped out to buy something was for my beloved semi-annual used booksale and once for a big sale on used kayaks (really!). So I don’t really get the whole Black Friday thing, especially when you can buy handmade gifts like this without leaving the toasty comfort of your own home.

Just sayin’.


Behold the Giftpot

thrive handcraftsI am so tickled by this :)

For the holidays this year, our normally-awesome gift sets are on steroids… each one contains a Thrive Handcrafts artisan soap of your choice, a handmade cedar soap deck, and (eeek this is so cute) a little paper envelope of wildflower seeds… all contained in (hold on it’s about to get cuter) an elegant white ceramic flowerpot. My friends, behold THE GIFTPOT.

And that’s just the small version… the large includes either one jar of our creamy dreamy whipped shea butter (if you see us in person at one of our upcoming craft shows) or a solid lotion bars (for gifts that have to be shipped).

At this moment the Goat Milk & Shea Butter and Fairy Sparkles sets are listed on Etsy, later today we’ll list more scents.

THIS SATURDAY come see us at Creative Loafing Crafts & Drafts at the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club!

O Captain My Captain!

I love soap with a story… here is the latest.

We live 2 blocks from salt water, I had been wanting to make a seaweed soap for a while, and I’m on record as loving salt soap- so a soap with ocean-y elements just had to happen. Add to that the context of the recent death of Robin Williams, whom I admired greatly, and my personal journey of processing my emotions in the wake of his and other loved ones’ suicides. I knew I needed to make a statement,

I present my newest soap; her name is O Captain My Captain! Here she is basking in the morning sun.

Seaweed & Sea Salt Soap by Thrive Handcrafts

This soap has been loved and prayed over. Tears were shed. Memories stretched their wings and flew. Call me crazy, but I actually whispered loving secrets to this soap so it could go out in the world and do good. Some people write poetry, or paint, or sing. I make soap.

A portion of the proceeds from this soap will be donated to charities supported by the folks I’ve cried over. It will be in select retail stores and in our online store in late October.

UPDATE: I went ahead and created an Etsy listing for pre-orders:

Coming events Fall 2014 -updated!

Thrive Handcrafts at a craft show

So excited to share some of the upcoming events we have planned. We love, love, love meeting people face to face!

  • Saturday & Sunday December 6-7 – Atomic Holiday Bazaar in Sarasota. You’ll find us in the Bayfront Room!
  • Sunday December 7 – GLAM in Gainesville
  • Saturday December 13 – if we still have any energy (and inventory) left, we may do a pop-up shop. We’ll see ;)

Fundraiser alert!

We’re donating half the sales in our Etsy shop for the next 3 days to the indiegogo campaign for Hannah’s Homeless – a local non-profit raising money to open a drop-in center for homeless folks. Whether you live in St. Petersburg or not, please consider the impact you can make for people in need.



Mountain Rose Herbs – August monthly specials

hibiscus_high_tea-product_1x-1403632264It’s the beginning of the month, which means a new batch of monthly specials* from Mountain Rose Herbs

We’re thinking about ordering Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Hibiscus High Tea… what catches your eye? 




* Links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that when you follow them and make a purchase from Mountain Rose, your cost is the same but we receive a commission. Thanks in advance :)